Mitashi Edutainment

Today Mitashi is a market leader in toys and has come up with great innovative and revolutionary products. The first company to come up with gaming products when no one in India was using such toys. Introducing products like TV Video games made Mitashi a household name. Later they introduced talking educational Computers with multiple I-Q functions. Their product range expanded to Hand Video Games, Art Sets, Kiddo-Cameras etc.

Mitashi Edutainment is the fastest growing consumer electronics company in Indian market. Therefore it was crucial for us to ensure that a high level of standard was applied when creating their website.

In the clients words

Mitashi Edutainment
Alfa Design have been a dream to work with. They are always available to answer any of our queries and always seem to have the answer to everything, I am always amazed at the knowledge they have.
Manish Patil Mitashi Edutainment